Little Constructs started off, like most things, as an idea.

A conversation on Etsy between Jo Cheung and Erica Williams that sparked a collaborative project that crossed international borders from conception. What would two illustrators from two separate counties going to do as a collaboration? That is where Little Constructs came into being.

So what is Little Constructs?

Little Constructs is our love for illustration, illustrators, and social media coming together to create a homogenous “construct”. Our goal is to showcase artists and illustrators from various disciplines and creative stages where we can share our passions and our creations with the world in a forum that supplies opportunities through networking and self-promotion. We love and believe in the amazing talent of our peers and want to foster their creativity while challenging others to join us in our endeavors.

Little Constructs will be published quarterly starting in the summer of 2011, every issue will be set around a specific text or theme that we invite you to interoperate and illustrate. We want to hear your voice and learn more about you! Once all submissions are complete we will compile the work and create a limited edition publication which will be available in both the UK and US. In addition to the printed edition a downloadable PDF version will be available as well.

Erica Williams

I am an emerging artist/illustrator from Colorado Springs, CO but I currently live and work in Minneapolis, MN. I live and in a small apartment that functions as my studio and home with my adorable kitties. 
I have many dreams, which include a returning to school for a graduate degree and taking the world by storm!

Twitter: @HookieDuke

Jo Cheung

Website: www.jocheung.com
Twitter: @jocheung
I'm from a small town called Doncaster.... the land of dreams. I moved down to London to study illustration at the University of Westminster and since then I've been a freelance illustrator. 
Since graduating my work has been featured in Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration, MacUser Magazine and Ballad Of Magazine.

One day I'd love to have my own shop selling crafty things and a pug to keep me company.