Friday, 18 November 2011

Featured Artists: OpenDoorsLondon Exhibition

OpenDoorsLondon curate pop-up galleries using London boroughs as an inspiration. Their aim is to get artists, photographers and illustrators to take creative inspiration from their local area and communities. 

"We accept artists based not on where they live or how successful they have been so far, but on their willingness to create work inspired by or relevant to the area.This is because we believe that art tells a story that is in some way relevant to the local people. We want to encourage local residents to get excited by art and and to hopefully pop-in and buy the art. "

We hope they come to North London in the future as we'd love to take part!

The next exhibition will be based on the borough SW4 which will take place on Saturday 3rd December in Clapham North Arts Centre. To mark the occasion OpenDoorsLondon are running a competition which involves finding BlogDog around SW4! The clues can be found either by following them on Twitter or their blog . Once you find the dog return it to the exhibition and you'll be in for a prize. So hurry what are you waiting for? This sounds fun!

For more details about the exhibition click here. 

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