Friday, 2 December 2011

Featured Artist: Jardley Jean-Louis

1. Hello there! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm Jardley. I pretty much draw everyday which is something I don't think I ever thought I'd say (doodles didn't count for me). I would like to get back to making things with my hands though as well as tacking on stop-motion animation as a skill. I've watched more tv shows than I realized and I swear I've been telling people I'm learning the guitar and harmonica for about three years now so I need to actually get moving on that...

2. What are you currently working on right now?
At the moment I'm setting up my shop with SupaDupa to sell prints of my illustrations, I'm also brainstorming and drawing pieces for the next issues of Peculiar Bliss and Society6 respectively.

3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Idk I've not actually thought of a clear view of where I'll be at 30-31. I'm sure I'll be more wrinkly. I hope I'm a different person than I am today. More me, and happier. I don't mind not really knowing what creative endeavors I'll have done by then because I'm sure I'd have changed my mind so many times and pursued/succeeded in different interests of mine. I do know I hope I'm either working on some stop-motion and live action films or have some under my belt.

4. What drew you to illustration?
Er, I don't know. I've been drawing since I could think. I do know that when I was considering a major for college apps I wasn't sure if I should go for Fine Art or Illustration and was under the impression that you get more freedom in Illustration. I don't even really consider what I do illustration but just that I'm an artist and I like drawing and creating a scene. There's a need there that I hope never goes away.

5. Would you mind sharing a little about your creative process with us?
Creative process, okay: Well I rarely write my ideas down, nor do I ever sketch out an idea, they're all usually in my mind. The first draft is usually the final draft. So sometimes I have a ton of ideas that will make their way as a piece soon swirling in my head. If I don't have an idea of what I'm doing either I will stare into space (yep)  I picture the setting, the point of view, and how I want each person's position to be, then I look for references on Flickr or google images but mostly Flickr like crazy. Once I've got the jist of what I'm looking for I search for a podcast, listen to my Pandora playlists, or have Buffy playing in the background while I'm drawing. First pencil, than watercolor or diluted acrylic or anything that helps. I rely on an old advice a teacher had told me which basically was "use anything that will give you the desired affect you're looking for". Now, the coloring of the piece is the part where I've got nothing planned out nor look for reference. The color for a person's specific shirt or whatever just comes to me just from looking at that particular object on the paper. And the piece is done.

6. Where are you located?
Right now I live in Queens, NY.

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