Saturday, 3 September 2011

Illustrators Pick: Hannah Stouffer

When I first saw Hannah Stouffer's work about a year ago I was like "Wooooow!" (add a few more 'o's in there.)

Hannah's images depict a fantasy world of constant and never ending conflict between man and nature. There is also something really dark and beautiful about her illustrations don't you think?  The contrasting elements like the skeletal creatures, twisted bodies of snakes and the inky landscapes work in harmony with one another.

I really enjoy looking at Hannah's illustrations, they're all so visually appealing to the eye.  And it's interesting to see how her commercial work  has been applied to a variety of mediums and disciplines. That sort of flexibility for an artist/ illustrator to be able to work in many ways is great.

Hannah has an Etsy shop so I suggest you have a gander!

Jo x

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