Friday, 30 September 2011

Illustrators Pick: L Filipe dos Santos (Corcoise)

L Filipe dos Santos (also known as Corcoise) is an artist from Portugal. He both paints and draws, make sure you check out both because his paintings are equally as amazing as his drawings.
I first discovered (and fell in love) with him when I saw "see saw" which is a project he did turning ink blots in sketchbooks into drawings. After the initial discovery I went hunting for more of his work. He has a really varied sense of color in his work that provides a dynamic that is always interesting. He also has really amazing textures (and I imagine a lot of patience). 
Take a look at his website as well as his Flickr. His Flickr has a lot of progress photos, so if you are into that (like me) make sure you take a gander. 


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