Thursday, 18 August 2011

Giveaway for first issue of Little Constructs

The release of Little Constructs first issue is upon us!! In less than a week all submissions will be in and then Jo and I will be diligently laboring to construct our first issue. We are so happy that so many of you have reached out to us and are not only telling us about how excited you are, but are participating in Little Constructs. 
While the zine side of LC is obviously important we want to make sure that we aren't just creating a quarterly publication, but that we are creating a community and resource for all of the amazing artists and illustrators out there. But we need your help to do this! 
So to help jump-start the process and start making amazing things happen we are doing our first Giveaway for Little Constructs! The prize up for grabs is one of the limited edition, signed copies of the first issue! Only 40 of these beauties will be available worldwide and now is your chance to get one for free!

Here are the details:

Tell us what you like most about Little Constructs, and then tell us what you would like most to see from Little Constructs in the comments below.

This will get you one entry into the contest! Easy right? Want to earn more entries? 

You may have additional entries by:
**Following our pretty little blog
**Following @Little Construct, @jocheung,  and @HookieDuke on Twitter
**Sharing links to Little Constructs blog on your Facebook
**Tweeting about the giveaway with this--  
"Enter our giveaway now to win the @LittleConstruct first issue on"

Please include each entry here as a comment (don't forget the link to your entry!) here  on the blog. If you put them all in one we may miss something and you might lose out on additional entries. Include your contact information in each comments so that if you win, we can reach you!

One winner will be selected from the UK and one from the US. All entries must be made by August 29th at 2400 hours in order to be valid. 

Good luck everyone and keep rockin' on!


  1. I like Little Constructs for its energy and originality. :) I most want to see pretty things :)

  2. I like Little Constructs because it seems so determined to do well in the creative world. I would love to see this venture do well :)

  3. I followed the three twitter accounts publicly as @dayallnash :)

  4. Shared the link to this blog on my Facebook account. and a screenshot

  5. And I tweeted out the phrase:!/dayallnash/status/104622348484878337

  6. And finally I followed your blog publicly as Dale Nash. (Google blogger, right?)

  7. Definitely enjoy the articles. Found the promotion one particularly useful.

    And what I'd like to see, if possible, though I'm sure you have it planned, is more interviews. :)

  8. I follow all three accounts as @curlycuh

  9. I've tweeted your link out as well. :)

  10. I like little constructs for its enthusiasm and effort. I would like to see really inspiring things.

  11. I follow all three accounts as @mmcginlay

  12. I have also tweeted the giveaway -!/mmcginlay/status/108207323008352256