Thursday, 11 August 2011

Illustrators Pick: Tran Nguyen

I adore the work of Tran Nguyen not only for the fact that it is absolutely amazing, but because of her belief in art as a healing mechanism. Taking visual cues from Klimt, as well as a similar philosophy of therapeutic art, she creates masterful images that are powerful and continually draw you into them. Her use of gold leaf is fantastic, I wish I could see her work in person because it could only be even more breathtaking in person.
If you have the time to look into her process you definitely should. It is incredibly complex, exact, and time consuming (not to mention gorgeous).
Make sure to look out for her sketches as well, like last week's pick Mucha, Tran is also has tremendous draftsmanship.

For more info on Tran check out these links:

Thinkspace Flickr (for behind the scenes photos!):


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