Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Illustrators Pick: Camilla Engman

Camilla Engman's work is enchanting isn't it? There's an atmospheric, playful and surreal quality; it's like a dream world of the odd and the mundane. It makes us as the viewers aware of these odd characters dotted around in these strange and secluded places. Her 2010 paintings are a great example of how Camilla can make the viewer feel slightly uneasy by portraying faceless characters with no sense of identity, they look sort of lost don't they?
Great use of colour throughout Camilla's work which makes it unique and distinctive; muted tones and pale shades of grey and brown. I do love Camilla's collages and mixed media pieces about her collections of found objects. It's taking every day things which we find around us and giving them a life of it's own, making them that special and precious. Like finding treasure.

Follow Camilla's blog and her Flickr page for the latest news. You have to visit her shop while you're at it. Love the calendars, may have to buy one for my wall....


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